03 January 2016

What's in my Handbag?

This Christmas my boyfriend Garrad surprised me with a gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB Tote. (A handbag that had been missing from my collection for far too long) I instantly swapped my bits and pieces over but soon discovered that my Mini MAB is definitely small in nature as it is in name. After some de-cluttering and downsizing, I was left with a few essentials that fitted perfectly and that I would genuinely reach for when I was out and about.

I love reading 'What's in my handbag?' posts and I've been meaning to do my own since I started Lippy In The City last year, so with a clean and organised handbag, I thought now would be the perfect time to share what I carry around with me on a daily basis.

From left to right:
Garrad bought me this Aubergine Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB Tote from shopbop, unfortunately the shade is no longer available as the gorgeous new Spring/ Summer '16 collection is live. I've found that even though this bag is dinky in size, it's lightweight and durable. Whilst remaining on trend its able to fit more than enough of your daily essentials inside. It's ideal for me and I'm definitely going to look into purchasing it in other shades

This Aveeno hand cream (currently £3.94 at Boots) has quickly become a hand bag staple favourite for me. I have to have a hand cream on me at all times as I suffer from cracked skin on the top of my hands, especially in the Winter it can turn sore if left un-moisturised. This one is fast absorbing and doesn't leave a greasy residue.

My next favourite that I couldn't possibly leave the house without is my eos lip balm in Sweet Mint. I haven't had this very long but it's awesome. The packaging is obviously the initial appeal as it's so cute and different, but the product itself is fab too - Even Garrad uses it!

I can't even leave the house without a hairbrush. Full stop. I have shoulder length, thick hair that in the slightest humidity or wind can make me quickly resemble the look of being dragged through a hedge backwards. My Tangle Teaser (£10.60) is a life saver. I got it in my Selfridges Summer Beauty Box late last year and I can honestly say I've used it every day since I've had it. It works great on wet hair at removing tangles as well as dry hair. I must invest in another so I don't have to keep rummaging through my bag to get this one out all the time #2016Goals.

My dairy is also an essential that I use constantly throughout the day. I know it's classed as 'old-fashioned' to keep a paper diary and pen with you but I really rely on actually writing things down, I still don't trust my phone completely to not magically delete things. I keep my work schedule in here as well as Garrad's, important dates and meetings etc as well as Birthday's. I also like to keep track of my bills and monthly outgoings, as well as making to-do lists and monthly goals. Does any one else keep a diary or am I the only one?

Last but not least I keep these miniature Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks, my Christmas gift from India (The Jewel Beauty) in my handbag. The funny thing about these is that we bought each other the same present without realising on even discussing it... Great minds think alike! These Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are perfect for mini day bags or evening clutch bags. The lipsticks came in the shades:

So Marilyn - The perfect old Hollywood glamour red in a crème finish.
Penelope Pink - A beige toned nude.
Bitch Perfect - My favourite of the 3 because of it's fab name and gorgeous pinky toned nude colour.

These are the first Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks I've tried. They all have a crème to bordering on matte finish which I love and they are super opaque. I've also found them to last a good few hours and they don't pucker at the corners for me? Are there any Charlotte Tilbury shades that you'd recommend I try next, I'd love to hear you're suggestions.

I also carry around my debit and credit card plus my phone and car keys, but they're not that exciting to go into any further detail.

I'd love to know what you're handbag essentials are this New Year? xoxo

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