21 February 2016

A Few Updates To My Skin Care Routine...

I managed to established a good and balanced skin care routine for myself late last year that had been working really well for me, but I had been feeling that I was lacking a few things that I knew could take my routine to the next level. I had never been massively fussed on my skin care routine until last year, but as I got older I had sub consciously known that the better care I take of my skin now, the better it will be in later years. Your 20's are the decade to really implement good habits that will last a life time.

(Oscar approves of my latest acquisitions...)

First up is my Skin Doctors Youth Cell Eye Cream (£24.95). I had been on the look out for a good eye cream for a while, but I didn't want anything too heavy under my make up. I read a few reviews and discovered this Skin Doctors one. This has a lovely light texture and absorbs quickly into the skin, I also find it doesn't interfere with my eye make up which is a massive plus. It contains plant stem cell active ingredients to help delay the appearance of ageing. I unfortunately developed mild  eczema on my eyelids around New Year before I bought this and I'd hoped this might ease it slightly. Unfortunately it doesn't help it, so I currently only apply it to my under my eye area. If you're new to eye creams, I'd highly recommend this as an introduction.

Next up is my Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray (£22). I had the travel size version of this in my Selfridges Summer Beauty Box and I instantly became hooked. This is the first make up setting spray that I've tried but they are now widely available at the drugstore. I love that this one not only sets my make up, but keeps my shiny nose at bay too. I find I can't leave the house in the morning without a few spritzes of this on my face.

As well as being on the look out for an eye cream to add into my routine I had also been on the look out for a good quality cleansing oil. India (The Jewel Beauty) recommended I try Origins Clean Energy gentle cleansing oil. At £23.50 it's not cheap, but like all Origin's products it's formulated without parabens, mineral oil, synthetic colours and fragrances and without animal products, which is a massive selling point for me. This removes my make up with ease and leaves my skin feel clean, but not tight. I also think it feels really luxurious on your skin and I love the herbal scent. The only downside is that it doesn't come with a pump as standard, I had to purchase mine additionally.

My LaCura Caviar Day Cream (£6.99) was not an intentional purchase, but one that I'm so glad I made. I had heard of this Aldi dupe when it first came out in September and the hype surrounding it. It has been compared to La Prairie's Skin Caviar Luxe Cream (£298 for 50ml) but at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough off the mark to snap up a pot up first time around. When I heard that Aldi had re-stocked I begged Garrad to pick me up two pots on his way home from work, one for me and one for India. Beauty Blogger issues... This is a gorgeously thick, emollient cream that is a fabulous base for applying make up. it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily in the slightest but it does leave me with a plump and fresh completion. I haven't been using this long enough to comment on its anti aging properties, but I honestly love it none the less.

Last up is my most recent acquisition but what seems to be my little saviour. As I mentioned earlier I have developed eczema on both my eyelids, I have been doing some research and found that it's not un-common to develop small areas of eczema in localized areas across the body and sadly mine had developed on my eyelids. Despite it being mild, I haven't been able to wear and eye shadow or liner for the past few weeks and it can become sore and irritated as the day goes on. After quickly discovering that my Skin Doctors Eye Cream wasn't helping and neither was good old E45 cream, I had to look for an alternative solution. In my research I stumbled across The Skin Shop's Dry Eye Gel. This product came with tonnes of reviews of people suffering with the same condition as me, and raving about how well this little product had helped. And at £6.95 I didn't have much to lose by trying it. This eye gel is a very light moisturising gel containing the active ingredient Cardiospermum and it has been specifically developed for use around the eyes. It is designed not to aggravate any existing conditions and it helps maintain healthy skin. Like my Origins cleanser it contains no animal products and only uses natural ingredients. This so far has worked miracles compared to anything else I've tried. Fingers crossed it provides a long term solution.

I'd love to know if you've tried any of these products and if they've worked for you. Please also leave me any skin care recommendations in the comments below, I'd love to hear what's been working for you lately... xoxo


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