19 June 2016

My Top 3 MAC Lipsticks That You Need In Your Life

I still remember buying my first ever MAC lipstick. I was 16 and on a weekend away in London with my Mum, it was nearly Christmas because I remember all the beautiful, twinkling lights hanging up over Oxford Street. We had been on an open top bus tour and decided we couldn't handle the cold anymore so we got off at Sloane Square near Knightsbridge. I was so cold I could barely walk and remember laughing until I was crying at how my legs could only just about manage a pony style prance around Hyde Park.

We quickly headed to one of my favourite places in the entire world, Harrods. As usual it was heaving, but I loved it nonetheless. Browsing the makeup counters I naturally gravitated towards MAC. Since I was in London I had to treat myself to a lipstick (as well as a Louis Vuitton bag but that's a whole other post...).

After much deliberation I went for the classic MAC Red lipstick and matching lip pencil in Cherry. The MUA applied the combo for me and I instantly felt like a million dollars!

Since then I have only purchased a handful of others but I use them all on an almost weekly if not daily basis. These are my top 3 that I feel you need in your life right now...

From Left to Right: MAC Viva Glam II, MAC Stone and MAC Viva Glam V

MAC Viva Glam II was gifted to me last Christmas by my boyfriend Garrad. I’m very proud of the fact that he went into MAC all by himself and picked this shade out without any input from me. Like Viva Glam V, I've blogged about this lipstick quite a lot already, but if you’re a fan of nude shades then you’re going to love this. It has a satin finish that merges on matt in the most beautiful muted peachy, nude shade. I love that this is a warm toned nude, that still manages to look neutral and sophisticated too.

MAC Stone is something completely unique to my collection. This taupy brown shade was all over Instagram late last year and I became obsessed with it, but it was always sold out. So, I was browsing around my local MAC store a few months ago I thought I’d ask if it had come back into stock now that the hype had died down, and low and behold it had! The MUA applied it for me and I was a bit taken aback initially at how cool toned it really is on the lips. After hesitating on whether or not I actually liked it she reapplied it for me with Bittersweet Pro-Longwear lip liner as a base. This instantly warmed the shade up whilst making it slightly darker too and I was in love! To be honest, I don’t wear this very often as my boyfriend isn’t the biggest fan, but I really love the edgy look it gives. I'm well aware that I will never look like the stereotypical glamourous women on Instagram, but this lipstick is my homage to them.

Last but not least, MAC Viva Glam V has to be my all-time favourite MAC lipstick, probably my all-time favourite lipstick ever. It’s the perfect neutral lip colour that goes with any eye look. MAC describes it as neutral pink with a lustre finish. It’s the kind of lipstick that most women could apply without a mirror with ease. I always feel put together when I wear this and I have blogged about it many times and I can confidently say that I will always have one of these in my makeup collection. If you haven’t tried it yet, I urge you to give it a go next time you’re in MAC, you won’t regret it... xoxo


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