31 October 2016

26 Things I've Learnt Over 26 Years...

It's true when they say you never really feel your age. I don't feel 26 at all, and when I actually think about it, it frightens the life out of me. I'm only 4 years away from 30 and I have a shit-ton left on my 'Bucket List' that I'd love to accomplish before I hit that milestone.

But in the meantime, here are a few things that I've learnt that have helped me get through the last 26 years...

1 - Age is only a number. I have to constantly remind myself of this one.

2 - You don't have to be married with two babies just because everyone around you is. Trust me, there's no rush.

3 - Life happens really quick. Everything can change in a heartbeat so be present in the moment as much as possible.

4 - You will never get along with everyone you meet, and that's ok. Learn to be polite and except people for who they are.

5 - People will let you down and it's usually from the people you least expected. Shrug it off, and stay positive.

6 - Being a responsible adult is hard. Everyone has bad days, and days when they don't want to clean the bathroom and hang their laundry up. That's normal.

7 - Never feel guilty for having a day devoted to your sofa and Netflix. We all need to recharge our batteries from time to time...

8 - ... Just don't make it a habit. Netflix will always be there, but that awesome opportunity might not. Get up, dress up and show up.

9 - Set goals and work towards them. Whether that be a career goal or a handbag goal. Work or save your butt off to get to it. It's vitally important in life to have goals to work towards, it gives us something to focus on.

10 - When in doubt, put on a pair of dark jeans, a smart blouse, and killer heels - Winner!

11 - Learning what looks good on you and what flatters your figure is life changing.

12 - Quality over quantity. I would rather save 8 months for a Louis Vuitton handbag that will last me a lifetime, then buy 8 handbags from the high street that will last me 8 minutes.

13 - If your going to spend big, do it on accessories. Wearing a good watch, pair of shoes, sunglasses and handbag will see you through most situations.

14 - Make time for your friends. It takes nothing to send a quick text or email to see how your friends are doing. Plus it reminds them that your still alive and thinking about them.

15 - Make time for your relationships too. Relationships take real work and effort.

16 - Never underestimate the importance of loving yourself too.

17 - Always take your make up off before you go to sleep. If it means keeping wipes on your bedside table, do it!

18 - The realisation that the hangovers get that little bit worse every year...

19 - Coffee will get you through almost anything.

20 - The older you get, the more a night in with a Chinese and a bottle of wine wins hands-down over a night out 'clubbing'.

21 - You only get one family, cherish them.

22 - Learn to utilise that 'magic' hour between 6 and 7 in the morning to organise your day and get bits done whilst everyone else is still sleeping. You'll feel more organised and on top of your schedule before anyone else has even had breakfast.

23 - Everyone younger than you will always be classed as 'twelve'... #standard

24 - Realise just how much you're worth and never settle for anything less.

25 - It's the little things in life that truly matter.

26 - Go that extra mile, it's never crowded :)


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