27 November 2016

A Day To Remember...

Every once in a while, you get one of those days that you know is going to stay in your memory forever, this was one of them...

On Friday 16th September 2016, my Mum married her partner of 8 years in a breathtakingly beautiful ceremony at The Celtic Manor Resort in South Wales. I was honored to be asked to be my Mum's one and only bridesmaid, and have such a prevalent role within the celebrations. 
The Celtic Manor Resort is a 5 star hotel situated just outside of Cardiff and sits on the border of Newport and the Wye Valley. It has 6 restaurants, 3 golf courses and a Spa to die for! The resort sits on 2,000 acres of panoramic parkland and I was over the moon when I found out that my parents had decided to tie the knot at such a fantastic location.

Nana and Grandad on their wedding day (Nana was here in spirit)

My Mum and I stayed over the night before the wedding and spent the morning pampering ourselves and drinking champagne... If only all mornings started this way!

We had our hair done by the fabulous Nathan and Damian in Rhys Giles Salon that's situated within the hotel adjacent to the spa. I had never had my hair professionally 'put up' before but the guys made us feel so at ease and the appointment just flew by!

We decided that between the two of us we were more than capable of doing our own makeup on the day. We practised countless times before the wedding and when the day finally rolled around we were on it! We did each step in sync, sharing palettes and helping each other when needed. It was so much fun, I think getting ready was one of the best parts of the day!

My Grandad (my Mum's Dad) stayed in the room next door to us the night before too. At 90 he was undoubtedly the life and soul of the party and stayed up partying long after I'd hit the sack! I honestly love him more than life and it was fab that he could walk my Mum down the aisle.

Team work makes the dream work...

Andy has been a part of our family for the best years of my life so I was over the moon when they finally decided to make it official and tie the knot. The ceremony took place at 4pm on The Rooftop Terrace with a small number of friends and family in attendance.

The Rooftop Terrace gave a magical, whimsical feel to the ceremony with fairy lights and candles lighting up the indoor / outdoor space. We also had exclusive use of the lawn adjacent to the venue too which was set up with croquet, giant Jenga and other garden games. We were so lucky in the fact the weather was beautiful for the entire day, albeit very chilly in the shade.

Probably the best group shot evveerr...

My Mum's stunning wedding dress was designed by Lillian West and was from Laura May Bridal in Cardiff. She added the bolero on top to make the dress really unique and individual to her. I fell in love with this dress as soon as my Mum tried it on and I knew instantly that it was the perfect dress for her. I would definitely give her gown a second outing and wear it myself if I was to get married. 


After the ceremony we enjoyed Pimm's on the lawn whilst the room was changed around for the evening meal and party. By this point we were all very thankful of the little fire pit that was towards the back of the room because the temperature had dropped significantly!

The wedding breakfast was absolutely amazing and was a mixture of fresh paella, mixed salads, mini burgers, pastas and everything in between. As a massive foodie (literally atmo) my eyes honestly popped out of head when I first saw it. This was followed by the cutting of a very decadent chocolate cake, emotional speeches and dancing the night away... Not forgetting the midnight bacon rolls and coffee!

It's rare that you have a day where all your favourite people are literally under the same roof. Mum and Andy's wedding was a day that I'll never forget. As cheesy as it sounds it was literally filled with tears, laughter, too much wine, too much food and lots of memories.
I'm not soppy as a person but I do believe in love, and I know that I've never a met a couple that have been together as long as my Mum and Andy have and are still this truly in love. They have a relationship I can only aspire to have... xoxo
A massive thank you to all the staff at The Celtic Manor Resort who made this day so special. All images courtesy of Sasha Miller.

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