03 December 2017

Wedding Planning… What I’ve learnt so far | Lippy In The City

If you’re a regular around my little part of the internet you might know that back in January I got engaged whilst on holiday in Cuba. Almost a year on I wanted to share with you what I've learnt so far about planning my upcoming wedding.

I’m super organised as a person and I admit, I got a lot planned very early on. I did this for a mixture of reasons, predominately because I have my first set of university exams close to our wedding date and I wanted to get as much done as possible so that I'm not stressing about last minute wedding details when I need to be on my exam 'A' game.

The Dress…
So, it turns out shopping for your wedding dress can be harder, and more stressful than I initially envisaged. When I first started wedding dress shopping I had a vague idea in my head of what I wanted but I remained open minded, which is honestly the best piece of advice I could ever give you.

I tried on everything and anything at first to give myself a really good idea of what suited my frame and to see how I felt in all the different styles. A dress can look amazing on the hanger but do nothing for your figure, whereas vice versa, a dress can look like nothing particularly special on the hanger, but look stunning on you! 

Comfort, as I later discovered needs to play an important part when choosing your dress too. Wedding dresses run in peculiar sizes so don't worry that the label on your dress may read a size or two larger than you normally wear. No one except from you will know the size you ordered so don't get hung up on it, it's only a number.

I’d also advise that before you try anything on you set a firm budget in your mind of what you’re willing to spend on your dress. I tried dresses on ranging from £300 to £3,000 and as much as you want the dress of your dreams, you’re only going to wear it once and is the £3,800 price tag really worth it? 

I’m going to do a whole post dedicated to my full wedding dress(es) (yes, I bought two…) experiences after the wedding and explain everything in more detail so keep a look out for that post.

Wedding Budget…
I mentioned the importance of budgeting for your wedding dress, it’s also vitally important that before you do any wedding planning at all, you and your fiance set out a budget of how much you want to spend on your entire wedding! Garrad and I were in agreement from the get go that we wanted a wedding that was completely ‘us’ yet we didn’t want to wake up the next morning and think ‘F**k, we’ve just spent £30k on one day!’.

The average British wedding in 2017 is supposed to cost around £24,000! To put that into context, that’s the cost of a brand-new Audi A3, or a very generous house deposit. Reading this figure, I instantly knew that a) that’s completely out of our budget, b) personally we didn’t want to spend anywhere near that on our wedding, and c) I knew I could do ours for a lot cheaper, which I have. 

I won’t share the exact budget that Garrad and I set out for our wedding but it’s less than half of £24,000 and so far we’re on track which is great. We haven’t done without anything in both quality or quantity, we’ve just been incredible savvy with our spending. This can be time consuming, but I enjoy it and I love when I can get a really good price for something.

There are hundreds of different wedding venue options out there and you can get married literally anywhere these days! Garrad and I have gone for a local hotel that we've always loved and I really wanted everything under one roof.

For us, having our ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception all in the same place cut down on costs and became super convenient. Plus, I love that when we’re all partied out we can just stumble upstairs to bed! What’s not to love? Granted, a hotel wedding isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s fine, do what YOU want as a couple and don’t worry about what anybody else thinks, it’s your big day after all.

We’re also getting married on a Monday, which surprisingly a lot of people have questioned us on. It honestly didn’t bother us what day of the week we got married, but we saved thousands, yes literally thousands by not getting married on a weekend. If, like us you don’t mind which day of the week you get married on, consider doing it in the week to save on your budget.

I really hope you found these tips useful if you're planning your own wedding? I've loved sharing my experiences with you so keep a look out for a part 2 coming soon! xoxo


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