30 January 2021

Here's to 2021 | Lippy In The City

Well, I think we can safely say 2020 was a write off for a lot of reasons, but I'm excited to be back blogging and determined to make 2021 a better year all round! 

Let's start by address the elephant in the room, the big 'C' word; we can't deny that Covid-19 has affected all of our lives in some way over the last twelve months. This time last year I was planning a trip to Venice for my 30th Birthday and remember seeing on the news how Italy had unfortunately become a hotspot for the virus. I remember hoping it would all blow over and I'd still be able to go, how naive was I then about what was to come?! 

My trip has become so insignificant compared to the devastating loss that so many people have experienced, I just can’t imagine what some families have had to go through. I’m hoping that the introduction of the vaccines will provide some much-needed relief that will enable us to start getting back some form of normality, whatever that looks like. 

On a more positive note, today I wanted to share a few things that have kept me (somewhat) sane for the most part through these odd times…


First up is video calling. Zoom and Microsoft teams have become the norm for me when working from home, but I honestly couldn’t have coped without Facetime either. My Mum and I are really close and we’ve Facetimed every day. It’s the one thing that has really kept us connected. I would normally visit my family at least once a week, either for a quick cuppa, a catch-up or to do some marketing for my Mum’s business, but at this point, I haven’t seen them in the flesh since Christmas Day and at times it’s been really, really hard. I know it’s such a simple thing, but for so many, including myself it’s kept the loneliness at bay during the tough times. 


This may be an obvious one, but Netflix and YouTube have honestly been lifesavers. There’s only so much DIY / crafting you can do before you’re craving a night in front of the TV. I’ve found so many good documentaries and programmes since lockdown that I normally wouldn’t have watched, yes, I loved Tiger King… But I also loved Snow Piercer, Night Stalker, The Office and Blown Away to name a few. YouTube has also been an endless resource for me, and I've watched everything from smoothie recipes, to how to look put together in 5 minutes for a zoom meeting.
(Tik Tok has also wormed its way in and is awesome!)


So yes, I admit, I've watched a lot of TV, but I’ve also walked a lot. We have a dog so naturally, we walk a lot anyway but I have really made the most of my daily exercise allowance and going for a walk to take in some fresh air. It’s given me a much-needed break from a laptop screen and the opportunity to ground myself and be present. I’m really lucky that we have so many good walks on our doorstep and we live really close to the river which is lovely, I’m also looking forward to the time when we can go back out on some walks further afield too.

Tenby South Wales


I have most definitely piled on a few pounds over this last year but honestly, I’m not mad about it. I survived 2020! If all I have to show for it is tight jeans, I count myself among the lucky ones! In all seriousness, I know that the weight gain has been down to really enjoying food. I’ve always been a massive foodie and I love eating out, but lockdown has led us to cook at home more and I’ve really made the most of it. A good home-cooked meal is one of life’s simple pleasures and I’m all about that these days. One of my favourite recipes that I’ve perfected is fish pie, with a creamy, cheesy mash potato top, it’s been heavenly and a real comfort in the cold weather. 

(I can't take credit unfortunately for the amazing steak in the photo below, this was taken when I visited Pasture in Cardiff during a spell of the lockdown measures being relaxed. The food was outstanding and the service was second to none. They made us feel safe and welcome, as well as being extremely knowledgable on the options available, I can't wait to go back.)

Pasture Cardiff

My mindset has definitely changed over these past twelve months and I’d say for the better. As cliche as it sounds, I’ve learnt to appreciate the little things more and definitely things I took for granted before the pandemic. If eating a tub of Ben and Jerries is what it takes to get you through the evening, or even your favourite Chloe Ting workout, that’s fine, it's so massively important to look after yourself and do whatever it takes to make YOU feel happy and content through these uncertain times.

I'd love to know what's kept you going through lockdown 3.0 in the comments, stay safe, lots of love xoxo


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