16 January 2015

Taking A Chance...

Reviewing a perfume is always going to be tricky. Perfumes can be so personal and everyone can interpret them so differently. The thing I love about perfumes is that they can evoke so many memories and emotions.

My latest acquisition happens to be one that I've had before, Chanel CHANCE. I originally was given this when it first came out and have loved it ever since. I like perfumes that are light and fresh, but also a little bit different.

CHANCE contains notes of White Musk, Hyacinth and Citron, Pink Pepper, Jasmine, Fresh Vetiver, Orris Absolute and Amber Patchouli. I find this to be very citrusy on me once it settles, then it develops to be a little muskier as the day goes on. I find it to be similar to YSL Elle which is one of my all time favourite perfumes.

It's one of the only perfumes that I can continually smell on me after I've applied it.
CHANCE was the first round fragrance bottle from Chanel, banded in silver and with a transparent top.

I have the Eau De Toilette version which I prefer due to them being the lighter fragrance.

You can find CHANCE at House Of Fraser online and at Chanel counters... xoxo


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