15 October 2015

Dior New Look Mascara: The Review

Mascaras are my one true makeup weakness. I can't leave the house without a quick swipe and I certainly wouldn't be seen dead without a couple of coats on for work. I'm not a huge eyeshadow fan on a daily basis, so I find a good eyeliner and an ever better mascara a must.

I have been using Diorshow New Look Mascara (£25 currently at Selfridges) for the last month and I have reached for it everyday without question.

It has a small plastic wand which tapers into smaller bristles on the end. I've never used a mascara wand like this before and I find it perfect for catching all the little lashes on the inner and outer corners, and especially the bottom ones.

'This prodigious Diorshow New Look mascara is a multi–dimensional volume & treatment mascara formulated with volume enhancer action' - DIOR

If you're a fan of waterproof mascara but hate taking it off in the evening (and the following morning - You know what I mean...), then you're going to love this! This isn't their waterproof version but I find it to be splash proof at the very least. It does require a little elbow grease from my trusty micellar water in the evenings, but nothing I can't handle when I'm tired, grumpy and craving my bed.

It's available in two standard shades, black, and brown. The black is richly pigmented with having a blue tinge that I'm personally not a fan of.

If you're in the market for a new mascara, and fancy a bit of a splurge I'd highly recommend giving this one a go. Have you tried any fantastic new mascara's lately that I should try next?



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