10 January 2016

6 Holy Grail Foundations | Part 2 | #JewelInTheCity Collab

I'm so excited to finally be doing a collaborative post with India aka The Jewel Beauty!
We both (unashamedly) share a love of foundations, pinky-nude lipsticks, skin care, champagne and beauty products in general among other things.

We thought we'd share with you our Top 6 Holy Grail foundations that we've loved throughout 2015 and will be continuing to reach for in 2016.

First up for me is Burberry's Fresh Glow Foundation in Porcelain No.11. I bought this after seeing Lilly Pebbles rave about it earlier this year #YouTubemademedoit... This is the priciest of my 3 at £35.00 but I adore it. It has a light to medium coverage that leaves a dewy and natural finish on the skin. This doesn't make me look like I'm wearing make up, just that I'm having a really good skin day. I've found this applies best with a kabuki brush buffed into the skin. I can't imagine ever being without a bottle and the colour match is the best I've ever found for me.

Next in line for me is Boujois's Healthy Mix Foundation. I was mega late to the party with this one but it's honestly my favorite drugstore foundation of all time. It has medium coverage with a matte to satin finish. I wear shade 51 Vanille Clair. Again I prefer applying this with a damp beauty blender, but it works well with your fingers too if you're in a rush in the morning. I really love spritzing Urban Decay's All Nighter on top of this as it noticeably increases it's staying power. At £9.99 its an absolute bargain, the only issue I have with it is with the packaging. I'm half way through this tube but I'm unable to pump anymore out? If anyone has any suggestions other than ripping it open I'd love to know.

Some days though you just need a bit of MAC Studio Fix Fluid in your life. This foundation is legendary and I've had a bottle of this in my make up collection for over 10 years (not the same bottle for obvious reasons!) This is a full coverage, stay all day, I mean business foundation. At £22.00 its reasonable in price and their shade range is extensive. I currently have NW10 which is the palest they do but I can get away with NC15 at a push. I like to apply this with a damp beauty blender to sheer out the coverage a little.

What are your top 6 Holy Grail foundations that you'll be reaching for this year?

Click here to read India's Top 3 if you haven't already... xoxo

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