24 January 2016

THE BEST Lipglosses Eveerrr...

Matte lips are everywhere at the minute, and I admit, I love the sophisticated look you get with them. But sometimes you can't beat the glamour that only comes with a opaque, shiny lip-gloss.

Three lip-gloss/ liquid lipstick hybrids that I can't get enough of lately are from MUA's Luxe Liquid Lipstick range, and at £4 each, they're the bargain of the century!
(You can now purchase the whole set in a bundle for £25)

First up is what I'd personally consider the 'least' wearable of the trio, Twinkle Twinkle. This lip-gloss transfers as a really dark charcoal grey with silver glitters. This shade would look perfect on top of dark plum lipsticks for a night out when you really want to vamp things up a bit. I've had so much fun playing dress up with this shade and it's great for costumes looks, but I'm not sure I'd have to confidence to wear this on a daily basis.

Next up is my festive favorite, Blaze. This is the most beautiful cranberry shade that made me feel like a million dollars when I wore it at Christmas. It has tiny flecks of red and gold glitter in it that really add the wow factor. Paired with a simple black winged cat eye, you've got the ultimate red carpet glam look.

Last but not least is Glint, probably the most unusual of the three. Glint is a sepia/ mink shade that contains silver and mink glitters. I wanted this is be on the same vein as the much coveted ABH Lip-gloss in Sepia. I think it is, but it's more like a second cousin twice removed, rather than a sister. This is definitely a Marmite shade, I love it, but my boyfriend hates it. I think it's because he's not used to seeing me wear such a cool toned colour. I like to pair this with a neutral eye and a slightly warmer shade on the cheeks.

I'd love to get my hands on more liquid lipsticks because I love intense colour pay off, with a glossy finish. Are there any brands that you would recommend? 


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