15 May 2016

De-Stressing The Neom Way

As most of you may already know, I am a huge candle and home fragrance lover! So much so, I started my own soy candle business earlier this year called Candles In The City. When I discovered the UK brand Neom Organics, I knew I'd found a brand that Candles In The City could only dream of inspiring too one day.

Neom Organics is a Wimbledon based home fragrance company created in 2005 by Nicola Elliott and her partner Oliver Mennell. Neom focuses on providing all natural, stress relieving products to help ease the tensions of everyday life and provide a little luxury whilst doing so.

My colleague first introduced me to Neom in the form of their De-Stressing Home Mist. I instantly fell in love with it's lavender and jasmine fragrance and the soothing effect it had on me. It quickly became one of our desk essentials, and we would spray it religiously during challenging moments in the office.

Because I loved the home mist so much I decided to purchase a few products myself to keep around the house. Naturally a candle was the first item I added to my basket. I went for the Real Luxury Travel Candle. This is part of the same de-stressing range that the home mist belongs too, and at £16.00 it's an absolute bargain. It's fragrance heavy and burns evenly. I love keeping this in my bedroom as I find the glow and scent extremely calming as I'm drifting off to sleep.

I also picked up the Real Luxury De-Stress Bath and Shower Oil and Real Luxury Intensive Stress Relief Treatment for £8.00 each. The bath and shower oil is absolutely gorgeous and something I will definitely be repurchasing. A few drops is all you need in a full bath to help relax you and fill the bathroom with the most indulgent, relaxing fragrance. If you don't have a bath, you can instead massage a small amount of the oil on to your decolletage before jumping in the shower. The steam from the shower will help lift the fragrance so you can still enjoy all the benefits of the 24 essential oils that are crammed into this pocket sized bottle.

The Real Luxury Intensive Stress Relief Treatment comes in this handbag friendly roller-ball dispenser that's ideal for when you're on the go. I like to apply this to my temples and just behind my ears when I'm in need of some instant calm. The lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood scent is an essential oil blend created in heaven. This coupled with a few deep breaths and a large latte can see me through even the most stressful situations.

The 3 Wick Candles and Intensive Skin Treatment Candles are next on my wish list. Have you tried anything from Neom? Please leave me your recommendations below, I'd love to see your product suggestions... xoxo


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