17 July 2016

TAG: What My Boyfriend Thinks My Make-up Is For

As soon as I saw this TAG I knew I had to get my boyfriend Garrad involved. He's incredible tolerant towards my makeup addiction, and I'd say that he's fairly switched on when it comes to my girly tendencies and beauty product ramblings.

I asked him what he thought the following makeup products were used for...

Primer: Isn't it something you put on before you paint? Or you probably apply it before your make up, I'm guessing?

Foundation: Makes your skin look smooth, and not spotty (thanks babes...)

Powder: To fill in the gaps for even looking skin?

Concealer: This one is definitely for hiding spots.

Bronzer: To make your skin look a bit tanned, not orange like an Oompa Lumpa though!

Blusher: To give you rosy cheeks like a clown (laughs).

Highlighter: To brighten up your face?

Mascara: Makes your eyelashes look long and thick.

Eyeshadow: To make your eyes look pretty (Aww!!)

Eye kohl: To start a fire on your eyes?? (Quickly explains it's a form of eyeliner...) To draw around your eyes and make you look like a cat (laughs again...).

Brow pencil: For colouring in your eyebrows.

Lipstick: This makes your lips look a different a colour.

Setting spray: To stop your makeup running?

BB cream: I haven't got a clue on this one?

I was very impressed by how much he knew, he clearly pays more attention to me than I give him credit for! I'd love to try and do the 'Boyfriend Does My Makeup TAG', let me know in the comments if you'd like me to put one together... xoxo

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