04 December 2016

Personalised Home Scents Courtesy of Amara Living | Lippy In The City

I’m a massive fan of candles, reed diffuses and pieces that make your home smell clean and inviting. As some of you may know, I love candles so much that I even make my own... (shameless plug)

When Amara Living invited me to take their home scents quiz to find out which scent would be best suited to my individual personality, I jumped at the chance (you can take the quiz for yourself here). I got the scent ‘Fresh’ and I would wholeheartedly agree with this as I’m not a fan of overly sweet scents in the home or in perfumes, and the fresher the scent, the better in my opinion.

I chose two candles from Amara Living's ‘Fresh’ collection to review. The first candle I went for came from the brand Illume and is their Majestic Glass Candle in the fragrance Mediterranean.

Illume’s oxidized glass jar is just too stunning for words and I feel like my pictures unfortunately don’t quite do it the justice it deserves. I was intrigued by the fragrance too as I’d never imaged sea salt as a scent. I've been burning this candle in my living room for the last few days and the smell is unusual but gorgeous! It makes me imagine warm Mediterranean days spent on the beach with the surf lapping at my toes. Perfect to warm me up on these chilly winter nights.

Illume Majestic Glass Candle in the fragrance Mediterranean - £25.00
- Fragrance notes of coconut water, vetiver, sea salt
- Dimensions: D8.2cm x H9.2cm
- Weight: 215g
- Burn time: 64 hours

Amara Living says: 'Transform the everyday aroma of a home with this striking Mediterranean Majestic glass scented candle from Illume. Evoking seaside imagery with a stunning glass vessel with an oxidised finish, the luxurious wax contains coconut water, ozone and sea salt top notes blended with middle notes of orange flower, sea grass, ylang and fig set against a vetiver, cedar and moss base notes. Releasing a refreshing and summery fragrance, this is a great gift idea for the new homeowner.'

My second choice came from the brand Voluspa in the fragrance Elysian Garden (unfortunately it's currently out of stock with Amara). I was initially drawn to both of these candles because of their gorgeous glass votive containers and packaging, yes, as I blogger I am a sucker for packaging...

This candle is so elegant and would look fantastic in pride of place on any dressing table or mantelpiece. I have been burning this candle in my study over the last few weeks and it fills the room with the most gorgeous sunshine inspired scent. I can really pick up the fragrance notes of citrus and green grasses in this one. It evokes summer picnics for me which definitely helps me dream of warmer days when I'm sat blogging in rainy South Wales.

Voluspa Classic Maison Luxury Candle in Elysian Garden (similar fragrance here) - £35.00
- Fragrance notes of warm citrus with gentle green foliage
- Dimensions: D10cm x H11cm
- Weight: 16oz
- Hand poured coconut and apricot wax
- 100 hours burning time

Amara Living says: 'This classic Maison Elysian Garden boxed candle from the Voluspa collection which is fuelled by a love for art, fragrance and elegant illumination. With speckled sunlight shining through the trees onto ferns, moss and a grotto, with warmed citrus fruit and gentle green foliage to release a sweet yet fresh fragrance. Please note due to the hand pouring process and the nature of coconut wax, small imperfections may appear on the surface, these impurities will disappear once the candle is burnt.'

I'd love to know "Which Home Fragrance Suits Your Personality?" and if you've tried anything from Amara Living lately... xoxo

Thank you so much to the wonderful Jessica and Lucy at Amara Living for giving me the opportunity to experience these beautiful candles. The samples I received were complimentary and for review purposes only, all opinions are my own.

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