28 January 2018

Seven Sunday Habits | Lippy In The City

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year and welcomed 2018 in with all their nearest and dearest?

2017 was a fab year for me, I got engaged, changed jobs, became healthier and generally had a happier year than I had in a long time. Unfortunately, in stark contrast I've had the worst imaginable start to 2018 with the passing of my beloved Grandad. He was a huge part of my life and raised me like a Father.

I had written lots of posts to welcome in the New Year positively and productively, but with my world so suddenly turned upside down, it didn't seem appropriate to be talking about healthy eating plans and organisational tips when I'd just lost someone so important.

Over the last few weeks I've been slowly piecing myself back together to the best of my ability. I need to constantly remind myself that grief is a process and that I'm not going to wake up one morning and suddenly feel amazing again. My heart is going to take time to heal, so for the moment  I'm taking each day as it comes and appreciating the little things in life. Yep, I still cry when I get the slightest reminder of something that my Grandad would have loved or said, but that's ok, I'll get there.

During the evenings, as a break between studying (when I've managed to pull myself together enough to get some uni work done) I've been loving scrolling through Pinterest again looking for inspirational and motivational quotes to try and regain some of my lost positivity. Recently I came across a fantastic pin that I instantly saved and downloaded as I thought it was the perfect way to ease myself back into normality, and some form or organisation again. It was called Seven Sunday Habits and it's pointers that I'm going to make sure I make part of my weekend routine...

1. Have a slow morning
Don't rush to get out of bed when you don't need too on the weekends, when you do, make yourself your favourite breakfast and a nice cup of coffee (if that's your thing). It can be really beneficial to take it easy after the busy and often hectic week that you've just had, plus its good to give you mind and body the rest and recuperation it deserves.

2. Write a to-do list for the week
If you're feeling overwhelmed, writing a to-do list will give you a clear vision of what's coming up in the week ahead. I find to-do lists so helpful as they really clear my brain and stop me overthinking unnecessarily.

3. Schedule things in your planner
After writing your to-do list, grab your planner and write down any important dates such as upcoming birthdays, events or meetings that you mustn't forget. Things like this are best out of your head and on to paper to save you worrying if you've remembered everything.

4. Meal prep
Meal prepping will save you time, stress and money and you'll thank your past self for that awesome idea. Even if you only start by making your lunch or breakfast the night before, it'll save you at least 10 minutes the next morning. Meal prep doesn't have to be complicated either, there's tons of great and easy options available on Pinterest or Youtube.

5. Plan your outfits
Again, it will save you time and worries in the morning. I like to hang my working week outfits up in the bathroom so that after my shower I can get dressed quickly and without having to think about what am I going to wear that day. Plus, can you say no to those extra minutes in bed?

6. Make time for self-care
Sunday is the perfect day to schedule in some time for yourself and reset for the week. Whether you spend some time journaling, watching Youtube or painting your nails, do what YOU want to do and don't feel guilty about it, you deserve it!

7. Go to bed early
It's vitally important that you get in a good night of sleep on a Sunday so that you can have enough energy to tackle the week ahead. I like to be in bed by 10pm, but do whatever works best for you. Hopefully by getting the ZZZ's in you'll wake up on Monday motivated and ready to smash it!

I hope everyone has had a fab weekend and these tips have given you a bit of inspiration. I'd love to know what you get up too on a Sunday to plan for the week ahead? xoxo

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