08 April 2018

Ready to feel the heat? | Lippy In The City

I love eye shadow palettes (let me just put that out there), I really do… But, as much as I love eye shadows, there’s only so many taupe-y brown shades a girl can have before you end up with a million duplicates.

The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette however, is a whole new ball game! When I initially saw it, I have to admit, I wasn’t sold on all the warm, burnt orange hues. A few YouTube tutorials later however and I knew I had to have this palette in my life. As I'm currently on a spending ban, I was fortunate enough to receive this gorgeous palette as a gift from my Mum.

Let me start off by saying the packaging is absolutely stunning, never mind the eye shadows (lol). The palette feels study and well put together, something that would withhold potentially being bashed around whilst travelling. It also contains a large mirror which is always a bonus and a double ended eye shadow brush. I like to use the brushes that come with palettes as the quality of them has increased dramatically over the last few years and this brush is no exception. You could easily use this brush on its own if you were in a squeeze and needed to do your eye make quickly.

The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette contains 12 eye shadows, 7 matte, and 5 shimmer shades, and they all compliment each other beautifully. I have to admit, there a few shades in the palette that I’m never going to touch, ‘He Devil – a burnt matte red’ for one. It’s just too bright, and too orange to work on my skin tone. I have, however been reaching for ‘Chaser – a light nude matte’, and ‘Sauced – soft terracotta matte’ for my transition shades, with ‘Lumbre – a gorgeous copper shimmer with gold pearl’ on the lid and ‘Ashes – deep reddish brown matte’ in the outer corner. This combination is so beautiful and the warm colours make my eyes look super green, I love it!

I've been most impressed by the eye shadow formulas, the matte shadows in particular. Matte shadows have a tendency to be overly chalky and difficult to blend which often ends up with them looking patchy. These eye shadows on the other hand blend like a dream! I couldn't believe how quickly I blended out an eye look, this will definitely be my eye shadow palette of choice going forward when I'm in a hurry.

Have you tried the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette yet? xoxo

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