29 March 2019

My Weight Watchers Journey | Month One | Lippy In The City

Hi Everyone!! *waves enthusiastically* (long-time-no-blog). Today, I wanted to share my Weight Watchers journey with you, talking about how I started, where I’m at and what I hope to achieve.

I started Weight Watchers about a month ago in an attempt to shed a few pounds before my holiday to Menorca in May. Over the last few years I’ve gradually piled on the pounds and decided, enough is enough, I want to get back to the old me, and my old size. I was by no means massively over weight, but I was over weight for my height and my personal preference, and let’s be honest, everyone has different weight preferences to feel comfortable in their own skin.

My goal is to lose a stone and a half, or 20ish lbs. I won’t be back to my lightest after loosing that, but I will be back to a weight I’m comfortable with which is the main thing.

I knew when starting Weight Watchers that I needed to be realistic in my expectations, something I think is vitally important for anyone starting out on a new weight loss plan. I knew I wanted the lose the 20 lbs, but I knew it wouldn’t magically melted off me by the time my holidays came around, I simply hadn’t left myself a realistic time frame and it would ultimately have been unhealthy of me to try and do.

Instead, I set my sights on making a decent dent in my weight loss before I went away, and my weight loss journey would simply have to continue when I got back until I’d hit my target weight. At four weeks in, I’m 5 lbs down, which I’m so pleased about. I still have a few weeks to go before I go away in which I’m hoping to shift a few more lbs, I’ll keep you updated!

I pay around £10 a month to access the Weight Watchers app, you can pay slightly more to use the app and go to the workshops too, but personally I prefer online only. To get started, you fill in a few details about yourself including your current weight and height, and how much you’d like to lose. You’re then allocated a set number of smart points that you should ideally should stick to each day (I’ve been allocated 23 points per day).

Every food item is calculated into a smart point based on its nutritional value (don’t worry, Weight Watchers does this for you, all you just have to type in what you eat and it gives you the relevant point value). If I keep within 13 – 28 points a day I get a blue dot, and I love to see how many blue dots I can get in a row.

As well as your daily points, you're also allocated additional weekly points. Like the daily points, these are calculated depending on your individual preferences. I have 25 weekly points to play with. Weekly points are used for times when you may have a meal out, or a few cocktails and need to go over your daily points allowance. I try and use around half my weekly points each week. It’s not bad to use them all by any means, I just feel I lose more when I don’t use all of them.

I’m really enjoying my Weight Watchers journey and I haven’t felt deprived at all. I can have a little something of anything, as long as I log it and take account for its points value. I’m a sucker for a McDonald’s (it’s my absolute favourite!) A small portion of McDonald’s Fries are 10 points, 6 Chicken Nuggets come in at 7 points, and a Diet Coke has 0 points. This means that I can have a McDonald's every once in a while, as long as I have breakfast and dinner made up of 0 point foods, so it’s a win win!

I set my weight in day for a Friday, and I weight first thing in the morning then log it in the app. Friday’s are my preferred day but you can set whichever day you fancy when your setting up the app.

I’ve been really enjoying my Weight Watchers journey so far and I’m looking forward to what the future holds. Please let me know if you’d like to see what a typical day of eating on 23 Smart Points looks like and I’d be more than happy to blog it.

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